Peplink InControl 2

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InControl 2: Provision, Monitor, and Manage, All From A Single Screen.

InControl 2, tailored for Peplink and Pepwave devices, is a cloud-centric solution for managing, monitoring, and reporting. All compatible devices are now eligible for InControl 2 registration. Enjoy advanced administration capabilities, unparalleled device oversight, and comprehensive reporting through the InControl 2 platform.

  • Fleet Management 
  • Speed fusion Management Fully Automated SpeedFusion VPN Configuration 
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Device Management 
  • Firmware Management and Deployment 

InControl 2

Our cloud-oriented endpoint management system, InControl, gathers data from your connected devices to produce insightful network reports. With a unified interface, effortlessly configure settings across all your endpoints. Additionally, for more comprehensive insights, remotely access the web admin of any device within your network.

InControl Mobile App: Review your Entire Network at a Glance



Tech Spec

Detailed technical and design
specifications of the router

Zero Touch Configuration

InControl streamlines network management by consolidating network data and presenting it in user-friendly reports. Effortlessly apply configurations and firmware updates to numerous devices instantly and set schedules for SSID, Firewall Rules, Outbound Policies, and SD-Switch Ports with a simple click.

SD-WAN Provisioning

Previously, provisioning configurations for endpoints was a time-consuming process spanning hours. However, utilizing InControl enables you to establish your SpeedFusion VPN network within a minute. Just access the SpeedFusion VPN configurator, choose your preferred topology, and select your peers effortlessly.

GPS Fleet Management

When paired with our GPS-enabled, vehicle-mounted devices like MAX HD2 and BR1, InControl 2 facilitates comprehensive fleet device management. Stay informed about your device locations through our interactive maps, while also monitoring vehicle speed, cellular coverage, and traffic conditions. Additionally, access complete route histories for any desired time period.

Network Troubleshooting

Configure email notifications for critical network events. Track WAN quality and bandwidth consumption through user-friendly graphical reports. InControl 2 offers comprehensive logs of your network’s operations and events. Finally, leverage the Remote Web Admin feature to directly access the WebUI of any device, eliminating the need for on-site visits.