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MAX MBX Mini: Good things come in small packages.

Keep your connection flowing in whatever deployment that you’re immersed in and deliver more power and redundancy with THREE power input options: DC
Source A, DC Source B, and a terminal block..


Good things come in small packages

Powerful cellular routers that provide unbreakable connectivity and blazing speeds. Use them to connect to all available network operators in your country.

Small is the new mighty.

One.Two. Three. Four.

Making hard to manage feel like hardly managing.

Bring your deployments to life with the versatility of the MBX Mini. It’s just as brilliant as any other MBX device we have to offer. So connect your devices to the PoE enabled LAN ports to provide network simplicity as well as IEEE 802.1X port authentication. This MBX Mini has the power to achieve it all.

We know fast connections are critical to achieving
great things. Its dual-band Wi-Fi and 5G capabilities ensure you experience the fastest available network. If the dual embedded cellular WANs are not enough, the MBX Mini can be expanded to FOUR cellular WANs by simply connecting it to our MAX Adapters via the dual USB ports.

With this FusionSIM-ready router, you can say goodbye to switching and managing multiple SIMs via the router. FusionSIM offers remote provisioning of SIM profiles from anywhere in the world. Managing made easy, ready when you are!

Tech Spec

max bmx mini diagram

Detailed technical and design
specifications of the router

Ideal Applications

Ruggedized connectivity for fixed and mobile assets in:


PRICE: $6,999

– Cat 20 /  LTE / 5G

– GPS (✓) | Wi-Fi (✓)

– Global

 – Includes Prime Care 1-Year