Parsec Falcon Antenna

Parsec Antennas

Parsec Falcon Antenna: Created for SOHO and K-12 applications.

  • Window Mount
  • Wall Mount
  • Lightweight
  • 617 MHz – 6Ghz


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The Parsec Falcon Antenna Series is a 5G antenna with 2X2 MIMO cellular, omni-directional, window/ wall mount or countertop stand mount. Created to make working from home and remote learning a breeze with access to high performance of 600 MHz to 6 GHz 4G/5G frequencies.

This compact, indoor antenna brings high speed data in an easy install solution. Compatible with most routers and hotspot devices.

Patent Pending

The Parsec Falcon Antenna is Ideal for:

  • Work From Home
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Home Network
  • Remote Learning K-12
  • Remote Monitoring

Recommended for the following Routers/Gateways

Created for Small Office/Home Office and Home School Applications. Thin and lightweight antennas with options for window mounting, or standing on a surface.


PRICE: $77.52

– 5G
– 617 – 6000 MHz 
– 2x LTE
– 6′ Cable
– Indoor
 – Black