Parsec Collie Antenna

Parsec Antennas

Parsec Collie Antenna: MIMO LTE, MIMO WiFi, and GPS, External IP67-Rated Antenna

  • WiFi 6
  • 698 MHz – 3800 MHz
  • High Efficiency
  • High Performance


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The Parsec Collie Antenna Series is a 2X2 MIMO cellular, up to 2X2 MIMO Wi-Fi, and optional GPS antenna. The Collie is ideal for fixed wireless, remote video monitoring, IoT, and industrial network solutions. The antenna requires a single 1-inch mounting hole for easy install with high power antennas providing high gain connectivity in a rugged, IP67 housing.

This IP67 rated antenna can be configured to a 4X4 MIMO cellular with 2 of the cellular elements active while the remaining 2 are for failover/backup. Patent pending.Parsec

Parsec Collie Antenna are Ideal for:

  • FirstNet
  • First Responders
  • Transportation
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Mobile Broadband

Recommended Routers/Gateways

The Collies PRO provides high-speed LTE data transmission for retail, pop-up, and failover LTE applications.


PRICE: $246.05

– 698MHz to 3800MHz
– 2x LTE
– IP67




PRICE: $290.99

– 698MHz to 3800MHz
– 2x LTE
– 2x Wi-Fi 6
– IP67