Semtech 4 in 1 BAT Antenna

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Semtech 4 in 1 BAT Antenna

  • Mount on or under dashboard or any non-metallic surface
  • 2x MiMo 4G/5G functionality
  • Optional SiSo or MiMo WiFi 6e 2.4/5.0-7.2GHz
  • Optional GPS/GNSS 26dB LNA

The Semtech 4 in 1 BAT Antenna by Panorama is designed for Telematics applications requiring high speed data with MiMo 4G / 5G and fallback 3G/2G support along with optional positioning through GPS/GNSS, and optional dual band 2.4/5.0- 7.2GHz Wifi 6e. The dual 4G/5G antennas cover 617-960/1427-6000MHz and the efficient element design ensures an ongoing, robust communications link with high data rates even in many low coverage areas.

 The antenna is designed to be mounted on or under a vehicle dashboard but can be mounted on any non-conductive surface. The BAT range is supplied with up to five integrated low loss cables which are flame retardant and meet the requirements of UN ECE 118 and EN45545-2

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SKU: 6001201

PRICE: $69.00

– 2 x LTE 617-6000MHz (MiMO)
– 1 x Wi_Fi 2.4/5GHz 
– Black


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