Semtech AirLink® RX55

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RX55: Bringing Advanced Networking Capabilities to the Industrial IoT

The Sierra Wireless AirLink RX55 is optimized for industrial IoT with ultra-low power consumption and a rugged design for extreme conditions. With advanced networking and industry-standard container support capabilities, the RX55 delivers intelligence securely at the edge for mission-critical applications on both public and private networks.

– Ultra-low power, compact solution ideal for industrial environments
– Ruggedized to withstand extreme conditions
– Remote management and end-to-end security to protect critical infrastructure
– Multi-band support (B71, CBRS) providing extensive coverage and best-in-class private networking support
– Advanced networking capabilities with flexible software-defined routing functions
– Edge intelligence (Beta) with container approach for rapid application development and operational simplicity


5G High-Performance Multi-Network Router for Public Safety,
Field Service Fleets and Mission-Critical Fixed Applications

The Semtech AirLink RX55 is also available with Wi-Fi to provide end-to-end security for fixed wireless applications in industrial and remote locations. The AirLink RX55 is designed to meet the harsh environmental and performance requirements of industrial and mobile installations, delivering superior reliability and uninterrupted operation in outdoor or vehicle environments. The Semtech RX55 is a certified device that is Band 14 and FirstNet Ready™.

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Benefits of the Semtech AirLink RX55

Achieve Resilient Connectivity

Designed to withstand harsh industrial and vehicle environments, the Semtech AirLink RX55 is rugged from the ground up: MIL-STD-810G for shock, vibration, thermal shock, and humidity. It has vehicle grade power supply and is Class I Div2 certified – to keep your remote assets and vehicles connected when you need them most.

Secure Remote Infrastructure

AirLink RX55 lets you connect cameras, sensors, and signage to protect and keep your remote assets or workforce secure. Monitor and manage all of your deployed devices through a single, unified management interface with AirLink Network Management solutions.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Semtech RX55 provides out-of-box connectivity to existing legacy or new assets. Built-in dual-serial port, ethernet, and I/O reduce the cost and complexity of interfacing with legacy equipment. Low-power, rugged, and compact form factor makes it easy to integrate into existing installations where space and power may be limited.

Keep Your Mobile Workforce Connected

Dual-Band Wi-Fi (optional), Ethernet, and Dual SIM capability provide mobile workforce access to critical enterprise applications and connected wherever they may operate. Built-in GNSS enables position tracking and location-based services.

Tech Spec

Detailed technical and design
specifications of the router

Ideal Applications

Compact, Rugged, Low power, LTE Router for Industrial IoT, SCADA and fleet applications in private and public networks.

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– GNSS (✓) | Wi-Fi 🛇

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– GNSS (✓) | Wi-Fi (✓)

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– GNSS (✓) | Wi-Fi (✓)

– North America


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