Sierra Wireless AirLink® LX60

AirLink® LX60: Dual Ethernet LTE Router

Dual Ethernet LTE or LTE-M/NB-IoT Commercial Routers for Retail, POS, IoT, and Commercial Fleets

– Primary and backup connectivity
– For coverage in remote locations or in-building
– LTE and global support
– Dual Ethernet and RS232 & RS485
– Multiple I/O to connect to legacy equipment
– Optional Wi-Fi and GMSS

The AirLink® LX60 provides LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi for primary and secondary/backup
retailapplications including ATMs, kiosks and POS terminals. The LX60 also supports taxis, fleets and IoT
infrastructure applications in protected environments.

Tech Spec

Detailed technical and design
specifications of the router

Info Spec

Router overview, use cases and
features and benefits

Ideal Applications

POS and business critical equipment including:

SKU: 1104580

PRICE: $479.00

– Cat 4 LTE

– GPS 🛇 | Wi-Fi 🛇

– North America | Verizon, AT&T


SKU: 1104493

PRICE: $599.00

– Cat 4

– GPS (✓) | Wi-Fi (✓) | Telemetry (✓)

– North America | Verizon, AT&T


SKU: 1104572

PRICE: $569.00

– Cat 4

– GPS (✓) | Wi-Fi (✓)

– North America | Verizon, AT&T


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