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AG Antenna: AG19B Omni Directional MIMO 2 x Cellular 4G LTE CBRS 5G NR Antenna w/Bracket Mount

AG Antenna Group Proprietary AG19 MIMO Antenna Design:

Designed for Maximum MIMO 4G 5G / WiFi 2.4 GHz Connectivity Application Requirements. The Perfect MIMO Antenna Solution for Multi Location / Multi Carrier 4G 5G Deployments

– 4G / 5G
– WiFi 2.4GHz

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Best-in-Class, End-to-End Connectivity Solutions for
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SKU: AG19B-16-SM

PRICE: $165

– 4G / 5G Omni MIMO Antenna
– 16′ Coax Cable x2
– L Bracket Mount 
–  SMA Male Connector
– 3-year Warranty



PRICE: $145

– 4G / 5G Omni MIMO Antenna
– Multi Carrier
– L-Bracket Mount 
–  N Female Connector
– 3-year Warranty


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