Parsec German Shepherd Antenna

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Parsec German Shepherd Antenna: MIMO LTE, GPS, MIMO WiFi, CBRS, External, IP67-Rated, Magnetic Mount or Adhesive Mount Antenna

  • Magnetic Mount or Adhesive Mount
  • CBRS
  • High Efficiency
  • High Performance


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The Parsec German Shepherd Antenna Series antenna is a 5G, 2X2 MIMO cellular, up to 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi, with optional GPS. The German Shepherd is ideal for first responder fleets, remote video monitoring, and mobile critical network solutions. Provide your team with stable connectivity across the 600 MHz – 6 GHz 5G frequency range using LSR240 cable and patented antenna technology.

This IP67 rated antenna does not require any mounting holes and can be quickly installed and removed from steel surfaces due to its magnetic mount. This antenna also has an optional adhesive mount version that allows the antenna to be mounted on any flat surface. Patent Pending.

The Parsec German Shepherd Antenna is Ideal for:

  • FirstNet
  • First Responders
  • Transportation / Fleet
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Mobile Broadband

Recommended Routers/Gateways

The German Shepherd provides high-speed LTE data transmission for First Responders and other fixed or mobile applications.


PRICE: $380.87

– 5G
– 600MHz to 6 GHz
– 2x LTE
– 2x Wi-Fi 6
 – GPS
– IP67